How to Skyrocket Press Release Distribution Outcome in 6 Ways

In press release distribution, you can either send a press release to a reporter or use a distribution service or do both to get your news into the hands of the readers. Distribution is the key to getting publicity.

To improve the chance of getting positive results, Check out the methods to follow of distributing your releases.

press release distribution

  1. You have to create a newsworthy release.

You can’t just pitch a story to a reporter believing that your story is great. Distribution of a content  isn’t easy as pressing a button and just wait for the publicity.

If you want to earn publicity from the press, you have to write an attention-grabbing headline, follow the right format, avoid jargons and provide a story.

The story that you tell the press is not about your company or products, but about how you can help the readers. Journalists aren’t impressed with content that is focused with how you can improve your sales. In short, don’t write a story like you are doing the hard sell.

A good story can touch the readers. It should have an effect to them. Either they will be interested to know what your company is and know how they can benefit from your offer. If your content doesn’t contain one of these elements, there’s a high probability that it doesn’t appeal to the journalist you’re targeting.

  1. Be precise and provide details.

Once a journalist paid attention to your pitch, they should easily see the important facts of your story. A well-written release should provide the answers to the questions what, who, where, when, why and how. It should not be hard for them to find these answers.

Supply these details in the first paragraph or introduction. In reality, journalists don’t spend longer time in reading your story. Once they think that your pitch is good and all the details are there, there’s a tendency that they can give you coverage.

Don’t include unnecessary information that can make it hard for them to find out what your story is all about or what kind of product you are offering. Go straight to the point, so they know all the facts immediately.

Avoid loose ends. Don’t leave them clueless by not giving them relevant information.

Provide information about your company. Include link to your website so they can learn more about you.

Give the complete details of the media person that they will be contacting of they need help. Make sure to indicate their position in the company.

  1. Pitch to the relevant media.

It’s important that you pitch to the right media. Don’t just pitch to all the media listed in your email contacts.

The best way to earn coverage is to pitch to journalists who cover your industry. For instance, if you’re promoting organic foods, you should be pitching to those covering the food industry.

Don’t pitch your story to anyone. They will not give you publicity. Do you think your press release about organic foods will appear on the page of technology or fashion section?

Journalists think that marketers and PR professionals who do this are unprofessional. It means that you pitch without even researching about them. Don’t attempt to do this because you may end up on their spam folder or trash bin.

  1. Build relationships.

Prior to pitching, choosing relevant journalists and building relationships are a must. You should build rapport with your target reporters.

Journalists are more likely to write your story if you have made connections with them. Prove to them that you’re interested in what they do.

Once you have read a few details about them, follow them in the social media. If they are on Twitter or any social media channel, spend more time there.

Read their posts. Create alerts, so you get notified whenever they post a content. If you find their content interesting, provide a comment. You may also like and share it, so they get familiar with your brand.

Once you have built rapport through the social media, you can also invite them at events, conferences or even to have coffee or dinner. Don’t limit your connection over the internet. If it’s possible for you to build connection on a personal level, much better.

  1. Pick a reputable press release service.

Aside from pitching, you can hire the services of distribution sites that have connections with reporters and publications. There is paid or free service that you can use. However, there’s a big difference of using the two distribution wire services.

Paid sites provide more results than using a free one. They offer a lot of features and packages that can fit your needs. There is a monitoring and analytics report that summarizes a lot of important details about your campaign.

Through the reports, you’ll know the headline impressions, where your content is going, who picks it up, how many visits in your site and other significant information. Knowing the results of the release is vital because it’s the measurement of its success.

A free site doesn’t offer this feature. They only publish your release on their websites. There’s no guarantee that they syndicate your content.

Don’t expect to get a detailed analytics report either. If you are sharing a newsworthy and breaking stories, use a paid press release service.

  1. Leverage the social media.

Today, it’s impossible to have a successful distribution without using the social media. Social media is a big part of successful marketing campaigns.

Most people use different social media channels to get news or to buy products. If your release appears on the platform, there’s a good chance that your press release will be read by a lot of people.

When syndicating our release, make sure to include infographics, images or video that you used in the content. A content with multimedia is more likely to be read and shared than those without.

When hiring a Best Press release distribution service for editorial coverage by Newswire, ensure that they offer a feature that enables social media sharing. Readers should find it easy to share your content by clicking the social media sharing button.

You can improve the results of distributing your releases in a variety of methods. Follow these steps to improve your chance of getting publicity.


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