Ministry of Justice in Brazil confirms Bitcoin’s apprehension

The ministry confirmed that R$24 million (US$25 million) of Bitcoin is expected to come to Brazil, the largest seizure of cryptomorphs in the country’s history.

The Ministry of Justice and Public Security in Brazil confirmed the seizure of millions of Bitcoin in the United States. These digital coins were in a US brokerage house, but were the fruit of a coup perpetuated in Brazil.

As reported firsthand by Livecoins in Brazil, Indeal suffered a severe blow last week. According to a public note, US justice and the FBI confirmed the seizure of Bitcoins from the group.

Accused of causing billionaire damage in Brazil, Indeal was shut down in 2019 by the authorities. Since then, the courts have been looking for funds from the company to compensate the victims.

However, until then, nothing had been found by the courts in Brazil. It is clear that the investors‘ money could even be spread around the world.

Ministry of Justice confirms Bitcoin’s seizure of financial pyramid operating in Brazil

For those who know the case, they know that Indeal was a company that offered fixed income to investors. The rationale behind the scheme to attract clients was that the company made alleged investments in Bitcoin.

Such investments would then provide Indeal’s clients with returns of up to 15% per month. However, without authorization to operate in Brazil, the company ended up being investigated in Brazil.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Police and the Internal Revenue Service all joined forces and ended the coup with Operation Egypto. At the time, the main leaders were arrested and several assets seized, including luxury cars.

In the last few days the US Department of Justice and the FBI have seized some R$130 million (US$130 million) of Bitcoin’s Brazilian coup. As reported by Livecoins, in dollars the amount is R$ 24 million.

Last Friday afternoon, the Ministry of Justice and Public Security in Brazil confirmed the seizure. MJ said that the Crypto Investor captured from the coup will stay in the US until the procedure to repatriate the appeal is carried out.

It is worth noting that this could be considered one of the biggest seizures of Bitcoin that Brazil has ever made. The action had the fundamental support of the United States and the brokerage house where the resources were deposited.

Indeal’s clients once again hope to receive investments after a year of despair

Clients who believed in Indeal’s suspicious business model followed since May 2019 without encouraging news. In fact, after the end of the business, the situation was increasingly delicate for these customers.

This was because Indeal’s leaders, even those arrested in Operation Egypto, refused to return values. In other words, justice did not find many of the group’s resources to compensate the possible victims.

It is clear that Brazilian justice is seeking to repatriate resources abroad. The Ministry of Justice did not inform, at least in a note, which countries are search targets related to Indeal today.

However, it is clear that more Bitcoins may be found and even repatriated. This move by Brazilian authorities may even help clients of other possible Bitcoin scams, such as Unick Forex and Atlas Quantum, for example.

With the millionaire apprehension, Indeal’s clients once again have hopes of one day recovering their assets. Finally, it is not yet clear how long this can take.